TriasNet Consultants is a largely virtual network, which specialises in analysing, evaluating, developing and redesigning concepts for result-oriënted co-operation, in terms of legal and general organisational design, administrative structures, organisation culture, as well as internal and external communication process. Special emphasis is given to organisational redesign and the creation of new organisations.

Our focus is on dynamic and inspiring patterns for co-operation, viability, problem solving and process-quality-result-substance oriented management (pqrs). Advice is given in various forms, e.g: development of game-rules, informal agreements, strategic contracts, laws and statutes, boardroom consult, as well as through seminars to stimulate, and give direction to, organisational change.

In conjugation with VIA-Consult in Leyden we developed “Audit SEC”: a multi-purpose analytic advisory tool for public and private organisations. The Policy Audit is implemented in a semi-internal way, that is in close co-operation with the client, and with its active involvement. It can be implemented in a ‘light’ version. Also we developed a support programme for civil servants who hold temporary posts abroad.

Furthermore, TriasNet is involved in project development, service development, project management, and general policy consult. It is editor of an edition on Dutch higher education legislation, including comment (SDU Publishers). Other joint ventures with publishers are at advanced stages of development.

A “Consultation Platform”, a short sabbatical leave or international panel for high level managers in higher education and research, has been developed. Currently we study the implementation, and search for an appropriate partner.

TriasNet operations can be facilitated “on call” by external experts who take part in the TriasNet network organisation. Additional experience is drawn from the field of policy development, governance, and higher education, e.g. on intermediate organisations, administrative processes, financing, financial administration and accountancy, infrastructure and tax law. Logistic staff is available to support its operations.

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